Cozy Mysteries You Should Be Curling Up With

I’m on this list of cozy mystery recs!

Millennial Crime Capers

Check out these millennial crime fiction books!

What Scares You?

Talking about my fears

We Are What We Read

I’m on Episode 4.

10 Asian Book & Snack Pairings

Guess what Death By Bubble Tea is paired with?

Enchantment & Intrigue

Magical cozy mysteries list by Book Riot

Cinnamon & Sugar

My scallion pancakes recipe featured!

Kings River Life review

“A very welcome AAPI multicultural entry in the mystery genre… a cleverly plotted, character-driven novel full of mouth-watering descriptions by an author whose work has grown stronger with every new entry.”

Fresh Pick

Hot Pot Murder is the Fresh Pick of the day!

Writer’s Digest guest post

10 Rules of Writing a Foodie Mystery

Cooking the Books by Criminal Element

“This second installment of the LA Night Market Mystery series is even more charming than
the first!”

Fresh Fiction Review

“HOT POT MURDER is a highly successful second serving in the L.A. Night Market series.”

Carstairs Considers

5 stars for Hot Pot Murder

Author-Reader Match

Fun matching on Fresh Fiction

Criminal Summer reads

Book Riot’s summer reading list

Cozy Mystery New Releases for June 2023

On the new release list from Book Frolic

Parade Magazine

Quote about Hot Pot Murder: “As charming and delightful as the first…”

Quiz: Can You Match the Mystery Novel to its Opening Line?

Do you remember the opening line for Death By Bubble Tea?

30 Books by Asian Authors to Read in 2023

Hot Pot Murder is on this to-read list. 

International Examiner

Author interview

Mysteries for Romance Fans

The Sassy Cat series is mentioned in this article, including “cute love interest” Josh. 

What is a RomCozy?

Romance and cozy mysteries go together, like in Mimi Lee Gets A Clue.

Kirkus Reviews quote for Hot Pot Murder

“Great characters and a delightful mystery filled with luscious
descriptions of food.”

Content Creators of Crime Writers of Color

(and a mention of Hot Pot Murder!)

105 New Mysteries & Thrillers by Authors of Color

Death By Bubble Tea is on this list!

Cozy Mysteries Set in Big Cities

The LA Night Market Mysteries are mentioned in this CrimeReads article!

Recommended Read from Martinsburg Community Library

“Death by Bubble Tea is a fun, engaging mystery that is sure to keep you reading to discover if Yale and Celine will find the murderer!”

Best Cozy Mystery Books

Mimi Lee Gets A Clue is on this great list from SheReads!

Kings River Life Staff Favorites of 2022

Death By Bubble Tea is on here!

Series Delivers Treachery, Tea, and Treats

Mystery Scene interview about the LA Night Market series (plus cookie recipe!)

Most Anticipated Cozy Mysteries

Hot Pot Murder is on this list!

Why Cozy Mysteries Deserve More Respect

I’m quoted in this important article.

Do You Love Only Murders in the Building?

Check out these cozies!

Pets in Cozies

Yay for Sassy Cat Mysteries!

Confessions of a Pop Culture Addict

“I’d recommend this to fans of Best in Show, cozy mysteries, and books with talking animal

Best Cozy Mystery Novels for Readers who Love Culinary Cozies

Death By Bubble Tea is on this culinary cozy list!

Books for the Holidays

My suggested book reads are on this list!

Dessert Cozy Mysteries

Books to satisfy your sweet reading tooth, including Death By Bubble Tea!

Best of Cozies 2022

Thanks for including Death by Bubble Tea, Aunt Agatha!

Best Book Covers of 2022

Death by Bubble Tea is on this Best Book Covers of 2022 list from Book Riot!

Book and Coffee Addict Book Review

“With likeable characters, good pacing, and immersive sleuthing, I highly recommend both
the book and the author, especially if you’re a cozy foodie mystery enthusiast like me.”

Cuddle Up with 42 of This Year’s Cozy Mysteries

Death by Bubble Tea is on this Goodreads’ list of cozy mysteries!

10 Cozy Detective Series You Need in Your Life

Highlights Sassy Cat Mysteries, specifically Mimi Lee Gets A Clue

6 Culinary Cozy Mysteries to Devour

Great culinary cozy audiobooks, including Death By Bubble Tea, narrated by Stephanie Sheh.

16 Charming Cozy Mysteries

BookBub thinks Death By Bubble Tea is a charming cozy mystery!

12 Novels With Recipes In Them

Death By Bubble Tea on this Book Riot list!


Interviewed on Heather Weidner’s blog

Kings River Life review & giveaway

“…introduces two unique, very engaging characters as its leads.”

Mystery Tribune

The first line from Death By Bubble Tea is analyzed.

Mystery Fanfare

Death By Bubble Tea is featured in the new Foodie Fridays column.

Fresh Fiction Review

“DEATH BY BUBBLE TEA is a pure delight.”

Cooking the Books

My cucumber salad is featured in this article from Criminal Elements.

Get Cozy Podcast

I get to be on this fab podcast again and talk about Death By Bubble Tea.

Cookout Quiz for Foodie Fiction

Death By Bubble Tea is in this fun BookRiot quiz!

The Best Mystery Books Featuring Dogs

Mimi Lee Gets A Clue is on this canine-loving list.

Must-Read Culinary Cozies 

My listicle of delicious cozy mysteries on Criminal Element

SoCal Indie Bestseller List 

Death By Bubble Tea made it on the SoCal Indie Bestseller List!

The Cozy Corner with Alexia Gordon

I’m interviewed by Alexia Gordon on her excellent podcast. 

Armed with a Book blog

Q&A about Death by Bubble Tea

Cinnamon and Sugar and A Little Bit of Murder Giveaway

“The attention to cultural details in the book and to the well-plotted mystery makes the story flow.”

10 Best Cozy Mystery Books to Binge Read

Mimi Lee Gets A Clue is on this binge-worthy list from Collider.

The New York Times review

“Yale and Celine’s growing loyalty to each other, coupled with the warmth of Chow’s prose, adds extra depth, just like the tapioca balls nestled in a glass of bubble tea.”

11 of the Best Mystery, Thriller, and True Crime Books Out in July

Death by Bubble Tea is in Book Riot

The Most Anticipated Books Of July 2022

Death by Bubble Tea is on Bustle’s list

Fresh Fiction Q & A

20 Writerly Questions with me

ITW Inteview

Q&A about Death by Bubble Tea

Booklist review

“These sleuthing cousins will appeal to fans of food-themed mysteries.”

Mystery & Suspense review

“Overall, this was an engaging novel with humor, suspense, a lot of sleuthing, and a little

PJP Reviews

“I really enjoyed reading Death By Bubble Tea by Jennifer Chow.” 4 stars

BookPage review

“Death by Bubble Tea is a heartfelt and delicious mystery that, in a brilliant choice by
author Jennifer J. Chow, centers on a family-run food stall.”

Horoscopes and Book Recommendations

Death by Bubble Tea is in the Virgo section

The Most Anticipated Crime Books of 2022

Death by Bubble Tea is on this summer reads list from CrimeReads

A Day in the Life

Yale Yee is on Dru Ann’s Book Musings

15 Cozy Mysteries Coming Out in the Second Half of 2022

A list by BookRiot

Dru’s Book Musings ~ Death by Bubble Tea

A review by Dru Ann

The Cozy 52

Q&A on Bookfrolic

Books with Pets On the Cover

Mimi Lee Gets A Clue is on Book Riot’s list (and my cover artist gets some recognition!)

Chill Out This Summer with A Good Book

Death by Bubble Tea is on this summer reading list from Fresh Fiction.

8 Cozy Mystery Books Featuring Pets

Mimi Lee Gets A Clue is on this list for animal lovers.

15 of the Best Mystery Romance Books

Mimi Lee Gets A Clue is included on this list from Book Riot!

Murder & Mayhem Interview

Q&A about Death by Bubble Tea

The Mystery Hour with Con Sweeney

Author interview with my avatar in Second Life virtual world

Penguin Random House Lists

Death by Bubble Tea and Mimi Lee Reads Between the Lines are in these roundups in honor of AANHPI Heritage Month

Mysteryrat’s Maze Podcast

Excerpt of Mimi Lee Gets a Clue is read by AAPI actor, Reese Herron, on the podcast.

First Clue review of Death by Bubble Tea

“Chow gets so much right in this book, from the exploration of Asian cultures in L.A. to the growing relationship between the cousins. A fun start to a wonderful new series.”

Kings River Life review

“A compelling mystery involving thefts among the Catalina Island elite ensures that this is another wonderful novel populated by charismatic and very likable characters.”

Favorite Books of 2021

Mimi Lee Cracks the Code is on the favorites list for Kings River Life.

Top Books of 2021

Sassy Cat Mysteries in on this list!

Bookstagrammer @bookish.heidi

“I mean, a cat who can speak to its owner telepathically? That’s pretty awesome! And then a cat/owner mystery solving duo? Doesn’t get much better than that!”⁣

The Book Pages

Cozy Mystery Q&A

The Big Thrill

Q&A about Mimi Lee Cracks the Code

Milwaukee Public Library

“Everyone needs this escapist #CozyMystery series by @JenJChow featuring Mimi Lee & her talking cat sidekick Marshmellow in their lives.”

Books A Plenty Book Reviews

“Makes for a great read that cat lovers and cozy fans alike will love. I totally loved it so I give it 5/5 stars.”

Escape with Dollycas

“Chow has encased her great characters in a complicated and fun mystery. There are plenty of suspects and some really nice twists and turns…”

Baroness’ Book Trove

“The characters are solid and the storyline is filled with fun and meaningful events. If you love mysteries with cats this is a good one for you.” 

Bookstagrammer @novelsnlatte

“This was a lighthearted and enjoyable cozy mystery. I’m really looking forward to reading the first two books now.” 5 coffee cups

Bookstagrammer @geauxgetlit

“Cute cozy mystery and perfect for animal lovers. Add a sprinkle of romance and this made for a perfectly timing #cozymystery to read. 4 stars”

Sisters in Crime podcast

Chatting about my writing journey

UCLA Extension Writers’ Program

I’m on The Write Process podcast

NB Magazine on Midnight Hour

“There’s plenty to enjoy here, I also liked Midnight Escapade by Jennifer Chow and
Murderer’s Feast by HC Chan. This is an absorbing anthology…”

Fresh Fiction review

“Chow fabricates a complex mystery and adds a little romance and a brush with family issues.”

Bookstagrammer @always_reading1

“This was such a nice twist to a cozy mystery. I enjoyed the diversity among the characters
and the surprises along the way.”

Bookstagrammer @ceej_writes

“Also, it somewhat gave me a slice of life vibe, it’s a light read, and I can totally see it as a Lifetime movie.” 

Bookstagrammer @booksloveandunderstanding

“This is such a fun cozy mystery and Mimi Lee is a delightful character along with her sassy cat Marshmallow.”

Bookstagrammer @carol_doscher_reader

“Mimi’s parents and sister Alice are fun characters. I enjoyed this cozy mystery and will be picking up the previous two books.”

Bookstagrammer @mybookandplants

“The perfect winter read… Chow has the amazing talent of balancing fun characters who solve creepy mysteries that leave you smiling.”

Have Cozy, Will Travel

My article in CrimeReads about cozies on the move. 


Mimi Lee Cracks the Code is on this list of 10 New Must-Read Books Out This Week!

Bookstagrammer @ilashreads

“This was a very cozy mystery that will keep you guessing.”

Bookstagrammer @rozierreadsandwine

“I love cozy mysteries and I love animals so any book that mashes up both is a hit with me. I was instantly drawn to the Sassy Cat subtitle because as any cat owner will tell you, aren’t all cats sassy to some degree?!?”

Phyllis Jones Pisanelli Reviews

“Mimi Lee Cracks the Code by Jennifer J Chow was a rollicking good time!”

Bookstagrammer @milesofpages

“The series keeps getting better and better…”


Mimi Lee Cracks the Code is listed in this new releases roundup!

The Sun Sentinel

Review for MIDNIGHT HOUR and even a mention of me: “Other authors with solid stories include Frankie Y. Bailey, E.A. Aymar, Jennifer Chow and David Heska Wanbli Weiden, among others. These stories in “Midnight Hour” no doubt will inspire readers to seek out these authors’ other works.”

Bookstagrammer @rachaelbookhunter

“Marshmallow the talking cat is hilarious! I love Jennifer Chow’s sense of humor because she allows Mimi to get in embarrassing situations. Mimi is nosy & makes mistakes but she is a great sister & daughter.

It was a very cozy read, perfect for curling up with something fuzzy!”

Bookstagrammer @booksaremagictoo

“Who doesn’t love a catastic pun when it comes to a contemporary cozy mystery?! I’m not kittying around, the pet aspect of this one gave me some chuckles…”

Subakka Bookstuff

“Watch out Sherlock and Watson; you have sleuthing competition! Mimi Lee and her telepathic cat, Marshmallow, are on the case once again.”

Rajiv’s Reviews

“I adored Mimi and Marshmallow in the lead. This book is not the first cozy mystery I read where we have a talking animal sidekick, but I loved how the author portrayed Marshmallow.”

Miss W Book Reviews

(5-star review) “I absolutely LOVE this series…The characters are well written, complex , fleshed out, and FUN!”

Bookstagrammer @yamisbookshelf

“ 5/5 (5 stars)

 Who doesn’t love a cozy cat mystery? Well, I certainly do and Jen Chow does an amazing job with this one…This is one not to be missed at all. I highly recommend it.” 

Bookstagrammer @readingwithmere

“This book is particularly lovely since it has that “whodunit” element but it also gave us the cutest relationship with marshmallow and mimi. This was a fun one for the fall/winter weather and I’m looking forward to more from this author. If you love cozy mysteries be sure to check out the whole Sassy Cat Mystery series!”⁣

Bookstagrammer @readingwithmrsleaf

“What I really enjoyed was the California setting, laid back vibes, classic Hollywood references, a little romance and 1 very snarky cat.”

Bookstagrammer @literallybookedsolid

“The book made me want to steal away to Catalina Island, but hopefully without murders and my valuables disappearing. It was a fun ride!”

Bookstagrammer @tarheelreader

“Mimi and Marshmallow are SO CUTE. This was a refreshing change of pace for me right now, and I had fun with it.”

BuzzFeed’s Best Books for November

Mimi Lee Cracks the Code is on the list! 

Ten Questions on Vicarious Thrills

Author interview on the Vicarious Thrills blog

The 13 Best New Mystery and Thriller Books

Mimi Lee Cracks the Code is lucky number 13!

Writing Crime at the Midnight Hour

Behind the Midnight Hour anthology

PopSugar list of Incredible New Books 

Mimi Lee Cracks the Code is on this list!

Bookstagrammer @annegoodreads

“I loved this and will be reading all of Jennifer Chow’s books.”

Bookstagrammer @crystal.z.lee

“I absolutely adored the intrigue and humor of this series and hope to read the next Mimi Lee mystery novel too!”

Mysteries for the Modern Reader

Mimi Lee Reads Between the Lines is on this list!

Bookstagrammer @catinmylapbooks

“This cozy mystery by Jennifer J. Chow delivered in humor and intrigue.”

Praise from Publishers Weekly

About Mimi Lee Cracks the Code: “Chow offers original characters, clever banter, and a laid-back California vibe. This is perfect for lovers of crime-solving animal cozies.”

The Best Cozy Mystery Series to Read Right Now

Sassy Cat Mysteries are featured in this 20 of the Best Cozy Mystery Series

Sister love in books

Mimi and Alice are featured in this Northwest Asian Weekly article.

High-tech mysteries

I’m quoted in this Book Riot article about mysteries with high tech.

Bookstagrammer @kristens_reads

“The mystery within this novel was so well written, and I was left shook at the twist.” 

Mood-Boosting Cozies

Mimi Lee Gets A Clue is listed alongside these other great books in BookRiot!

July 2021 Read

Selected by The Page Ladies

A Word With Jennifer J. Chow

On Dru’s Book Musings

Romance Pairs Well with Murder

Interviewed on Murder & Mayhem

Character Interview

Q &A with Mimi Lee

A recommended magical cozy on Crime Reads!

“Jennifer gives the cat THE BEST LINES. I was actually laughing out loud as I read this story (and the rest of the series).”

Bookstagrammer @cozyuptocrime

“New Fave Series Alert…This series is light, hilarious, and just really fun to read.” 

Best Upcoming Cozy Mystery

Mimi Lee Cracks the Code is highlighted in this Book Riot article.

Murder by the Book Mystery Book Club

Mimi Lee Gets A Clue is picked by the book club at Worcester Public Library.

BookTok video

Mimi Lee Reads Between the Lines video on TikTok.

Bookstagrammer @pagecandy_

“Allow me to recommend the Sassy Cat Mystery Series by @jenjchow! They’re bright, fun, and the mysteries are captivating!”

Cover Reveal

Mimi Lee Cracks the Code is unveiled on Dru’s Book Musings.

Bookstagrammer @itsakittykatslife

“Such a great book…mystery, romance, and a talking cat named Marshmallow”

Mystery Audiobooks for AAPIHM

Both Sassy Cat books are recommended here.

Seven Exciting New Murder Mysteries

Mimi Lee Gets A Clue is on this list by BookRiot!

Murder Murder & Mayhem article

About millennial cozy mysteries

Bookstagrammer _nighttimereads Review


BookRiot’s Favorite Animal Stories

Twenty-five wonderful stories, including Mimi Lee Gets A Clue

Escondido Library staff recommendation

“If you’re looking for a fun, light read that includes a brave Asian American protagonist, an intriguing mystery, silly antics, a fast paced plot, and a sarcastic and loveable cat, this book is for you!”

AudioFile Magazine review

About Mimi Lee Reads Between the Lines: “Natalie Naudus does a great job bringing key characters to life, both human and feline. She creates a wonderfully funny and believable character in Marshmallow, whose cat-centric asides are peppered throughout the audiobook.”

NYT Bestselling Author Krista Davis recommends Mimi Lee Gets A Clue!

A BookBub rec. 

Bookstagrammer review @readspace1 

Susan says this about Mimi Lee Gets A Clue:
This was wonderful, you can’t help but get swept along with Mimi …”

Featured in BuzzFeed

“17 Cozy Mysteries To Read That’ll Make You Feel Like You Could Solve A Murder”

The Second Line Show

“Cozy Up with a Mystery!” panel; moderated by Nola Nash


My mind tricks for writing

Phyllis Jones Pisanelli Review

“If you need to lighten up your life, check out the Sassy Cat Mystery Series. You’ll be glad you did.”

Kings River Life Review

“Mimi and her clients are the stars of this unique and very entertaining series, which blends telepathic cats, criminal puzzles, family miscommunications, and romantic intrigue.”

Under-the-Radar Books

Mimi Lee Reads Between the Lines is on Frolic’s December list. 

A Must-Read Suggestion

A must-read 2020 book for me (along with suggestions from other authors). 

Open Book Society Review

“The fascinating mystery had me stymied, the characters are well-defined, and I appreciated how close-knit Mimi and her family is…I highly recommend this cozy mystery!”

Bookish Gifts Guide

Mimi Lee Reads Between the Lines is in NetGalley’s guide of gifts for bookworms

Liz & Lisa

Mimi Lee Reads Between the Lines is in Liz & Lisa’s “Best Books” of December Post

Book Riot mention

Mimi Lee Gets A Clue is mentioned on this podcast

Fresh Fiction Review

“Well conceived mystery features telepathic feline sleuth”

Writer’s Digest guest post

Sharing some tips about writing cunning cozy mysteries

Jungle Red Writers

Talking about food on Jungle Red Writers

Katie’s Cottage Books

“Mimi Lee, our favorite pet groomer, is back in another fun mystery.”

CrimeReads essay

Adding Magic to Cozies

Northwest Asian Weekly

“In addition to the whodunnit mystery, Chow brings readers into the world of humans and the animals they love.”

Bookshop link

List of notable new releases

Writers Who Kill

WWK interview

Dru’s Book Musing

Interview of Mimi Lee

Writer’s Digest

Q&A by Robert Lee Brewer

IGTV interview

Spoke with Heather Gudenkauf

The Genre Minx

“A cozy mystery that makes you want to sink down into your most comfortable spot and dive right on in!”

Escape with Dollycas

“The author has done a great job with character development, human and feline. Marshmallow again stole my heart.”

Sarahlyn Bruck

Interviewed by Sarahlyn

The Avid Reader

“Mimi Lee Reads Between the Lines is a lighthearted cozy mystery with a cute kitten, a matchmaking mama, fun foreign fare, parent problems, a setup sister, one panicky principal. And a cheeky cat.”


My fun article about virtual cuddles

Fresh Fiction

An exclusive interview on the Fresh Fiction blog

Brianne’s Book Reviews

“I found Mimi Lee Reads Between the Lines to be a cracking, fun and lighthearted cozy mystery…”

Books A Plenty

“Add in the ‘talking’ cat as well as a new fur baby this book was a fun read that cozy fans are sure to enjoy.”

The Nerd Daily

“[Mimi Lee’s] story is once again full of pet grooming shenanigans,
delicious Malaysian meals with her family, and intense sleuthing missions.”

Diane Reviews Books

Mimi Reads Between the Lines is another great entry
in this cozy cat mystery series. 4 stars!”

The Big Thrill interview

Talking about Mimi Lee Reads Between the Lines

OverDrive Recommended Read

Mimi Lee Reads Between the Lines is a recommended read!

Anita Kushwaha Interview 

A great Q&A from a fellow 2020 Debuts author.


Mimi Lee Reads Between the Lines is on a want-to-read list!

CrimeReads Article

Mentioned in this article about non-traditional crime fiction voices

ManyBooks Interview

I’m talking about cozies & pet groomers in this fun Q&A.

Booklist Review

Mimi Lee Reads Between the Lines “will appeal to readers who enjoy Vivien Chien’s Noodle Shop mysteries, with their Chinese American heroines, as well as similar family dynamics and portrayals of savvy businesswomen.”

Crime Writers of Color

Listed alongside other diverse authors with upcoming reading attractions

Publishers Weekly Review

On Mimi Lee Reads Between the Lines: “This is catnip for fans of talking cat cozies.”

Cozy Mysteries for Cat Lovers

“This fast-paced, light and fun read features Malaysian-Chinese food, a fun loving family, lots of animals and a solid mystery that will be a challenge to figure out – my kind of mystery!” -Esme Addison, author of A Spell for Trouble

Independent Online Booksellers Association Review

On Mimi Lee Reads Between the Lines: “You won’t believe who the killer was!”

Bookseller Happy Hour

Mimi Lee Gets A Clue is listed alongside other genre books by Bookshop Santa Cruz

You Are Here Writers

Did a mini video workshop on how to write a series using IGTV.

Quick interview on Chat and Spin Radio

I have a short segment talking about my books on this UK nonprofit station. (Find me at the 34-minute mark.)

PhDiva Review

“A fun and fresh mystery that will certainly help you escape life into sunny California for a day!”

Little Library

Mimi Lee Gets A Clue is in the License Plate Library. “Cozy mystery fans, check out this new series! Jennifer J. Chow has created such a fun heroine with an amazing sidekick — Marshmallow, a talking cat!”

Reddit Thread

Achievement unlocked! Mimi Lee Gets A Clue is a recommended read on a Reddit AMA thread.

Kings River Life Magazine

A guest post about the fun of pet research.

Poisoned Pen Blog

“I haven’t loved a cat in a book this much since I read the first The Cat Who Could Read Backwards by Lillian Jackson Braun…” —Sherry Harris

POPSUGAR beach reads

Mimi Lee Gets a Clue is #2 on this list of summer must-reads!

Bookstagrammer love

“I highly recommend picking up a cozy mystery like this one, MIMI LEE GETS A CLUE. It’s so funny, I love the romance, and I liked the pet-themed mystery!” 

Booklist blurb

“This fluffy entertainment could prove irresistible.”

Writer Types Podcast

I’m interviewed on this amazing thriller, crime and mystery fiction podcast! 

Book Dragon Blog

Five flames for Mimi Lee Gets a Clue! “This is the perfect evening read when conditions are right for staying inside.”

POPSUGAR’s list of best mysteries from this year

Mimi Lee Gets a Clue is on this list!

Mystery and thriller recommendations

Book suggestions from me and fellow authors.

Richland Library-Sandhills Staff Pick

Mimi Lee Gets a Clue is on their list! 

Abigail’s Book Addiction

“Looking for a cozy mystery read? Mimi Lee will hook you up with her crazy adventures.”

Los Angeles Public Library Panel for APAHM

On a great panel with other Asian American authors: C.B. Lee (Not Your Sidekick), Mia Hopkins (Deep Down), Sarah Kuhn (Haunted Heroine), Jayci Lee (A Sweet Mess), and Suzanne Park (The Perfect Escape). 

Mystery Recs of Asian American Authors

I’m one of a great list of Asian American authors suggested by Naomi Hirahara

Midwest Book Review

“Fans of animal-centered murder mysteries will love this feisty new protagonist and her animal cohorts.” 

Ten Things I Miss

What I yearn for while sheltering in place in Los Angeles

Q&A on Ravishly

A lovely author interview

Book Interview on Nicki Chen Writes

Fun Q&A with Nicki Chen. Blog post is appropriately titled, “Need Something Fun to Read?”


It’s my turn to blog about a book rec:

Book Riot soothing quiz

What a fun quiz that my book is part of!

Books & Boba podcast

A discussion on the podcast about Mimi Lee Gets a Clue!

Greer Macallister’s #read99women blog

Guest post by Agatha, Anthony, IPPY, and Lefty award-winning author Kellye Garrett, who recommends my book:
“Jennifer’s book has all the cozy/amateur detective staples: a cute cat (this one even talks!), amazing characters, and a great hook in Mimi as a novice pet grooming shop owner. But what I especially love is that she also takes the cozy tropes and turns them on their head.”

Bookshop Santa Cruz recommendations

Mimi Lee Gets A Clue is mentioned in “Get Cozy (with your furry babies)”

The Big Thrill Discussion

Roundtable discussion about formula writing

Chicks on the Case

My guest post about cat-titude

Puss Reboots

“This inaugural volume is like a happy blending of the Kitty Couture series by Julie Chase and the Noodle Shop Mystery series
by Vivien Chien.”

Writers Who Kill

“Jennifer J. Chow is a fresh voice on the mystery scene.” 

AudioFile Magazine

Review of the Mimi Lee Gets a Clue audiobook: “Narrator Natalie Naudus makes this lighthearted audiobook fun to listen to as she gives effective expression and voices to each character.”

March & April 2020 Books

Mimi Lee Gets a Clue and other books by Asian authors to support during this time of sheltering in place

The Big Thrill

An author interview for the magazine of the International Thriller Writers

Reader’s Digest Best Reads

Mimi Lee Gets a Clue is on this list with thirteen other great books!

Love Romances and More blog

“Once I started reading Mimi Lee Gets a Clue I couldn’t put it down.” -Missy

The Wickeds blog

Check out my guest post & giveaway on the Wickeds!

Cozy Corner Podcast

Interviewed by Alexia Gordon about talking cats and more!

Suanne Schafer’s Blog

Interview about Mimi Lee Gets a Clue and an excerpt on Suanne’s blog

Destination Mystery Podcast

For warmth and humor, this new series hits it out of the park.”-Laura Brennan

Reading with Robin

Facebook Live interview about Mimi Lee Gets a Clue

Nothing is Cancelled Virtual Book Tour

Short video about Mimi Lee Gets a Clue

Escape with Dollycas

“I really enjoyed this fresh take for an amateur sleuth team, not your typical Sherlock and Watson.”

Biblio Happy Hour

Chatting about my latest novel on the Biblio podcast.

Diane Reviews Books

“Marshmallow is a hoot!”

Book Dilettante

“Mimi Lee Gets a Clue is a fun read for dog lovers and mystery lovers alike.”

Beauty Sleuth-Book Diva

“This was a stunner of a new series by Chow.”

Staff Pick for Changing Hands

Mimi Lee Gets a Clue is a staff pick at Changing Hands Bookstore.

Overdrive Recommended Reads

Rachel Kray selected Mimi Lee Gets a Clue as a “book of the moment.”

Asian Women of Power podcast

Vivian Tran, May Bugenhagen, Jennifer Tung, and I talk discuss cultural identity, drive, and our passions.

Katie’s Cottage Books review of Mimi Lee Gets a Clue

Final verdict? “5 ***** laugh out loud stars!”

Talking Taiwan podcast

Discussing the significance of February 28th, The 228 Legacy and my other writing

Guest post on Killer Nashville Blog

I wrote about the growth stages of a manuscript (especially all those edits!).

UCLA Writers’ Program Success Story

My new mystery series is featured on the UCLA Extension website. 

CrimeReads’ List of New Mysteries in 2020

Mimi Lee Gets a Clue is called “a fabulous addition to the field of cat mysteries.”

Pages as Mirrors

My personal essay about the need for diverse books.

Kirkus review for Mimi Lee Gets a Clue

“A frothy, fun series debut.”

Most anticipated books of 2020

Mimi Lee Gets a Clue is on the She Reads list as one of the most anticipated books by women for 2020.

Publishers Weekly review of Mimi Lee Gets a Clue

The first book in the new Sassy Cat Mysteries is called a “sparkling series launch.”

2020 Reading Challenge 

Mimi Lee Gets a Clue is on this reading list featuring wonderful books by women of color. Challenge yourself to read 52 books in 52 weeks!

Tips for Aspiring Novelists

Giving out writing advice along with some fellow authors on the Skillshare blog.

Wedding Woes audiobook reviewed on Printed & Bound Book blog

“A fun, well-written cozy mystery.”

Book Riot reading list

The 228 Legacy is listed among other amazing self-published titles.

OjO Interview Series

Find me on Miami mystery writer R.V. Reyes’ blog talking about Robot Revenge.

Great Taiwanese American reads

The 228 Legacy is mentioned alongside a stellar list of great #ownvoices literature.

Dragonfly Dreams is mentioned in Teen Vogue!

Humbled that Dragonfly Dreams is listed among other great Asian-led books that deserve movie adaptations.

Publishers Marketplace and Sisters in Crime newsletter

My new cozy mystery series is mentioned in two newsletters!

BookEnds Author Interview

A “Welcome to BookEnds Literary Agency” interview for me!

The Tao of Self Confidence 

Interviewed by the fabulous Sheena Yap Chan in her podcast

Review of Dragonfly Dreams by Lisbeth Coiman

“I highly recommend Dragonfly Dreams.”

Author Interview on The Writing Life

Questions about Dragonfly Dreams from another award-winning multicultural author, Eleanor Parker Sapia.

Author Interview by L.L. Kane

Linda Lee Kane sits down with me as we discuss Dragonfly Dreams

Book review of Dragonfly Dreams by Carol Early Cooney

“[Chow] successfully branches into Young Adult paranormal.”

Dragonfly Dreams review on Chick Lit Plus

“What an imaginative book about the afterlife! Jennifer J. Chow wrote a magical story!”

Book review of Dragonfly Dreams from Rebecca Lovell Books

“I absolutely loved this book. The characters were easy to identify with and as I got to know them I felt like they were part of my own family.”

Dragonfly Dreams review on Joy’s Book Blog

“Death and the perils of parenting are pretty mature concepts, but ones that teens think about — it’s great to have a book that addresses them.”

Put Pen to Paper

Interviewed on about how and why I write.

Asians Doing Everything

Featured on blog featuring interesting work APIs do around the world.

Escape with Dollycas 

Review: “A really good first effort to start this series.” Also my guest post about escaping to a mystery writers’ convention and a giveaway.

Bayview Change Agent Newsletter

My article, “Our Life Stories Matter,” is featured in the magazine.

Taiwanese Canadian Monthly

My article, “Inspired by Taiwan,” is featured in the magazine on page 20.

Publishers Weekly Review for The 228 Legacy

“This story is touching in its depiction of the characters’ changing relationships… a pleasant read.”

Christa Reads and Writes

“This is a well-written story that intertwines Asian culture and values…”

Dru’s Book Musings

An excerpt from a day in the life with Winston Wong.

Readers’ Favorite Five-Star Review

“J.J.Chow has written a great mystery mixing seniors, video games and quirky characters together in a perfect blend.”

Griperang’s Bookmarks

“This is a perfect book for you to take to the beach for a good day of reading.”

Q&A on Living Life With Joy

Why I adore Winston and more…

Storeybook Reviews 

Participated in #MysteryMonday

A Blue Million Books

Interviewed by Amy Metz, author of the Goose Pimple Junction Mystery Series

Socrates’ Book Reviews 

A spotlight on Seniors Sleuth.

Shelley’s Book Case

“This book was so fun to read and it really brightened my day with the wit and charm that Winston brings…”

Miki’s Hope

Seniors Sleuth is called a “cute read.”

Joy’s Book Blog

An author interview conducted by librarian Joy Weese Moll, plus a book review of Seniors Sleuth.

Author Interview as J.J. Chow

Interviewed by J. David Core on The Lupa Schwartz Mysteries Blog.

Book Review (in Taiwanese)

Post about The 228 Legacy written by Mr. Oo Tiongsiong, Chief Editor for Taiwanese Literature Battlefront. Interview

Profiled on website about how I balance writing and mothering.

Outreach for Taiwan

Mentioned in their blog post about 228.

Northwest Asian Weekly

Interview in “the only weekly English-edition newspaper serving Washington’s Asian community.” Interview

Q & A with tidbits about inspiration for my novel and my tagline.

UCLA Extension Catalog

Featured in the “I Got Published!” section.

Who You Calling Old Podcast

A discussion of my book as it relates to aging issues, like loss of identity, deteriorating health, and caregiver burden.

Foreword Reviews’ Book of the Year Award

The 228 Legacy is a finalist in the multicultural category!

Canaan Taiwanese Christan Church Q&A

Why I broke Asian stereotypes, the interweaving of faith, and more!

Ketagalan Project–Reflection on the 228 Massacre

A formal explanation of the event that inspired my book, alongside my author interview.

Inheritance Magazine

Called an “Author of Reconciliation” in their magazine.

Laurel Mountain Post Review

“Chow neatly weaves the lives of her characters…” A review of my novel in the regional publication that’s been called “The Voice of Pennsylvania” by BBC News (on pg. 26, 33).

Cornell Alumni Magazine

My book listed alongside other Cornell authors’ works.

Eat Sleep Write Interview

Listen to the podcast (click on link above).

Torrance CitiCABLE Interview

Interviewed on Spotlight Torrance (segment starts at 10:41).

UCLA Writers’ Program Blog

Featured as a success story on the UCLA Extension blog.

Pacific Times Article

My book launch and novel described in Chinese.

Interview on Inspiration and Originality Underlined

More on my experience as a writer and the publishing process.
(Also reprinted on

World Journal Article

An article written in Chinese, detailing my book.

Book Review on B. Morrison’s Blog

“While relationships lie at the core of this light, enjoyable read, some weightier issues of history and identity make it stand out.”

Taipei Times Article

Insight into my research and past Taiwan trips.

Asian American Press Article

More on the inspiration behind my novel.

Interview with The Romance of Mystery

Five questions, including one asking about the elements in my novel dearest to my heart.

Angry Reader of the Week

I’m profiled on the Angry Asian Man blog. Find out what unleashes my inner tiger.

Q&A on Jane Porter’s Blog

Find out more about me as I answer the top questions you’ve always wanted to know, like my favorite dessert/snack or my most memorable conference experience.