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Writing is a solitary activity, but being a writer, or an author, requires community. Without regular support, writing goals can go on hiatus or disappear. I’m happy to say that there are many fellow authors and readers who are excited to cheer a writer on!

I’m compiling an incomplete list of people who are boosting me as my newest book, Ill-Fated Fortune, comes out tomorrow!

Please check out these bloggers/BookTubers who are providing encouragement and bookish love:

1) A Bookish Moment

On this YouTube channel, mystery authors Sarah E. Burr and J.C. Kenney chat about their writing process—and often invite special guests to join them! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psZM6EZzbJM

2) Beachbum Bookworm
Tiffany has a channel devoted to cozy mystery and romance reads. She’s a warm and welcoming personality to authors! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGiWh-YoSwA

3) Career Authors

This blog has a treasure trove of tips from various authors. I talk about using magic in your manuscript: https://careerauthors.com/using-magic-in-your-manuscript/

4) Crime Writers of Color

This is a great community of people who self-identify as crime writers of color. One of our fun YouTube channels has 10 Questions for Crime Writers of Color. Here’s mine, where I talk a little about Ill-Fated Fortune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHW92jRzXJ4

5) Dru’s Book Musings

Dru Ann Love is aptly named because she has so much love for authors. Find her highlighting new books and musing on recent releases; she even has authors writing special guests posts. Of Ill-Fated Fortune, she wrote: “I enjoyed all aspects of the pleasantly appealing whodunit.” https://drusbookmusing.com/my-musing-ill-fated-fortune/

6) George Cramer

George Cramer has a long career in law enforcement. Of Karuk descent, he often features diverse authors on his blog. I’m happy to be a guest, either in answering a Q&A or writing my own guest post. https://gdcramer.com/george-cramer-blog/

7) Jungle Red Writers

Jungle Red Writers has a group of seven smart and sassy crime fiction writers. They have the most interesting topics and also offer spots to guest writers. https://www.jungleredwriters.com/

8) Wicked Authors

Another great group blog and tight-knit community (they do writing retreats together!) is the Wickeds. These six best-selling authors write in cozy, historical, and traditional mystery space. On their blog, you’ll find fun conversations and also special guest posts, like mine about the enchantment of magical cozies: https://wickedauthors.com/2024/02/16/a-wicked-welcome-to-jennifer-j-chow-2/

Yay for the support of the bookish community!

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  1. Linda Chudej says

    I’m reading Ill-Fated Fortune now and loving it! It’s like you read my mind and created the perfect cozy. I hope there will be many more books in this series. Whiskers is a wonderful new member of the Jin family. I love bunnies so a magical bunny to help Felicity is just perfect too! Thank you for sharing your writing talent with us.

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