Dragonfly Dreams (YA)

*Teen Vogue pick for one of “9 Asian-Led Books that Deserve Their Own Movie Adaption”*

Bronze medalist, 2017 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award

From Jennifer J. Chow, author of the award-winning The 228 Legacy, comes a young adult novel about immigrant struggles and family conflict.

It’s 1880 in Fresno, California when 17-year-old Topaz Woo dies after giving birth. She can get an extension in a non-physical body—if she uses The Ten Commandments to influence her newborn. Over the course of ten years, she finds herself stymied in parenting by intergenerational drama and spiritual battle. Will she adjust to an otherworldly existence and give her daughter a solid foundation? Or will she become mired in family disputes and forfeit her soul to evil?


“[Chow] is a pro with the fantasy genre, but also the author doesn’t neglect to take on bigger issues, elegantly weaving in space for cultural differences…”-TeenVogue.com, Diana Shi

“What an imaginative book about the afterlife! Jennifer J. Chow wrote a magical story!” -Chick Lit Plus

“I absolutely loved this book. The characters were easy to identify with and as I got to know them I felt like they were part of my own family.” -Rebecca Lovell Books

“Death and the perils of parenting are pretty mature concepts, but ones that teens think about — it’s great to have a book that addresses them.” -Joy’s Book Blog “Dragonfly Dreams is a supernatural story about second chances that conveys the power of jealousy, attachment, regret, family love and loyalty…”-Cara Chow, author of Bitter Melon, 2011 YALSA Best Fiction Finalist 

“At its core, Dragonfly Dreams is a beautifully-written story of choices and consequences, but it’s also so much more than that. A worthwhile and recommended read.”-Jennifer Farwell, author of Seven Weeks to Forever

“In Dragonfly Dreams, Chow crafts characters with many dimensions, draws a dreamy and dangerous afterlife, and a presents a story of love, forgiveness, and growth.”-Jennifer M. Barry, author of Side Effects