Baatgwa- Versatile Blogger Award

Baatgwa: nosy, curious to know others’ secrets

Baatgwa refers to the eight trigrams in the I Ching, an ancient Chinese oracle book.  Each of the trigrams shows three broken or unbroken lines, which symbolize different things in the world.  Fortune tellers match them up to make hexagrams for divination purposes.  Thus, baatgwa became associated with curiosity or nosiness.      

Curious about things?

I was recently nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award.  Thank you to Muddy Kinzer for this honor.  According to the rules, I must list 15 blogs worth discovering and reveal 7 things about myself.  So please check out the following valuable blogs.  And for all you baatgwa people, you can learn more about me at the end of this post.

1.  The Redhead Riter offers heartfelt, eclectic posts.  If you follow on Twitter, you’ll also receive some cute image tweets.

2. Claudsy’s Blog presents neat images combined with interesting thoughts.  I love her post on waving the white flag, which addresses issues of physical appearance/aging. 
3. So, Watcha Think? offers a 2-for-1 deal, featuring helpful reflections and writing advice from both Brooke Ryter & Paige Ryter.

4. On Becca’s Blog, find some great recent flash fiction.  I have nothing but admiration for the writer/mom of three. 

5. David N. Walker provides insight into his recent experience at the DFW Writers’ Conference.  He’s part of the LLC, or Life List Club, living embodiments of  dream-chasers.

6. Create With Joy celebrates creativity and offers frequent blog hops to build up community.

7. Gerry Wilson , already a recipient of a Versatile Blogger nomination, serves up amazing garden photos with equally talented commentaries. 

8. Marcia Richard, another member of LLC, writes about women.  I love her quote: “Smart is the new sexy; strong is the new beautiful.”

9. Kyle Robinson is embarking on his writing career.  Journey with him to see his passion take flight.

10. By Susan Craig provides posts that deal with writing and science.  I have a soft soft for her informative posts on Alzheimer’s Disease (see fact #3 about me below to see why).

11. In Life on Clemson Road, Kasie ties her real life into her posts with finesse; see her swimsuit post as an example. 

12.  Michelle delivers wonderful book reviews through My Writing Life.  Please also check out her own book, Do You?, a lovely collection of poems and photos.

13. sarahscapes always offers informative posts and wonderful poems–read her “Promise of Moonrise.”

14. Travels with Books provides amazing insight into history.  Elizabeth also runs a lovely bookstore (if you’re ever in the North Carolina area, you can have the pleasure of visiting it.)

15. A Little Piece of Me, which I stumbled onto through the CASLworks blog, pairs breathtaking photos with inspirational quotes.

Finally, 7 things about myself:

1. As a child, I wrote stories using an old typewriter.
2. My first short story involved twin girls and mistaken identities.
3. My professional background is in geriatric social work.
4. The ring tone on my phone: The Beatles’ “When I’m 64.” 
5. East Asian countries I’ve visited: China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.
6. My favorite dim sum treat: dan tat (egg custard tart). 
7. My favorite Chinese main dish: roast duck.

Sukgwat- On Self-Rejection
Sailouh- The Power of Words


  1. Hi Jennifer! thanks for nominating me as one of your blog award recipients! You’ve listed so many great blogs, including one of my LLC writers, David Walker. He has an inspirational blog your readers would love! The Life List Club is all about supporting our readers in chasing and catching their goals by offering our own experiences as guides. I hope your friends will join us at LLC. We have a big party with giveaways coming up next month! thanks again!

  2. Thank you very much! {{{{hugssss}}}

    I wrote on an old typewriter too when I was little! click, clank, click, clank LOL

    LOL #4 Is something special going to happen when you are 64?

    Mmmmmm…roast duck!

    I love your list!

  3. Thanks Jennifer!!!!

  4. Thanks, Jennifer, for the honor. When I worked at Tufts Medical Center on the edge of Boston’s Chinatown, I loved going with a group of colleagues for dim sum – and guess what my favorite was? Could never get enough egg custard tarts!!

  5. Hi, Jennifer!

    Thanks for the nod!

    — Kasie

  6. Thanks, Jennifer. I’m honored!

  7. Hi Kasie & Susan,
    Glad to have nominated you. I really enjoy reading your blogs.

  8. Jennifer, thank you very much! I never thought my blog would receive any type of an award. I am honored!!

  9. Dear Jennifer

    Thank you so very much for this award and congratulations to you too for receiving it! I really love your unique take and share! Have a wonderful week and I hope to see you for Friendship Friday!

    Create With Joy

  10. I wrote on a typewriter until I was at least 16, then we got a word processor. It could delete without erase tape – ooh! Thankfully my parents sent me to a community college computer class before I went to college or I would have been utterly screwed.

  11. A fellow typewriting starter. Now I don’t feel so alone. Thanks for reading my blog and liking my FB page.

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