Happy Birthday, Blog!

Ngauhyat: birthday 

Many Chinese characters can be broken into smaller parts. The word “birthday” (??) can be simplified into ngauhyat (??).

My blog just turned one! (April 5th marked the anniversary of my first post.) Even though ngauhyat means “cow” and “one” when taken separately, I hope it still proves to be an auspicious occasion.

A popular Chinese tradition held at one-year-old parties is to surround the birthday child with different items. These things represent their possible futures. Here are some examples:
  -Calculator=business career
  -Coin=future fortune
  -Bowl of Rice Grains=never needing to worry about food

The last time I saw this ritual, the child selected a Wii remote.

I’m not sure if I ever participated in this myself, but if I did, I hope I chose the pen. At least, that’s what I’m picking right now.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Jennifer! I’m sure you took the pen. Your writing skills are the stuff of legend ;-)

  2. Thanks, Kasie! (I think we just swapped blog reading. I just commented on your post…)

  3. Happy Birthday to your blog! Congratulations to you! What does selecting a Wii remote signify? A future in sports or technology?

  4. Happy Birthday to your blog and congratulations to you.

  5. Thanks, Sabra! I can’t believe it’s already been a year :)

  6. Happy Blogger Birthday and Happy Anniversary for your blog too. Really interesting about picking your future.

  7. Happy blog birthday, Jennifer! You should surround yourself with your manuscripts and a book of agents/publishers? :o)

  8. Thanks, Mona & Romelle! It would be nice to surround myself with a book of prospective agents/publishers :)

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