Take a Breather

Do not climb a tree to look for fish. -A Chinese proverb

Climb a tree to immerse yourself in beauty. Prior to my new book’s release, I went on a trip to the Kings Canyon National Park to see the giant sequoias. The trees are so massive that, at first, some people thought photos of them were a hoax.


I’m glad I got a breather because once release date came around, the panic arrived. Despite the technological age, I don’t exhibit any computer wizardry. That’s why I hired Izzy Design to help me with my site. Less than 24 hours before my first public announcement through Jane Porter’s blog, I had no website in place. Instead, there was a placeholder, but Janet (my designer) came through, and I breathed an enormous sigh of relief.

That evening I decided to install a plug-in on my new site–crash! I spent the middle of the night talking to the support staff at my web hosting provider. (I haven’t pulled an almost all-nighter like that since my college days.) Thankfully, the issue resolved itself in the morning, which was fortunate since I was scheduled to be Angry Reader of the Week.

I’m hoping this week will run smoother. If I feel any stress, maybe I’ll look at my photo of Anping Tree House (where banyan trees took over an abandoned Taiwanese warehouse).


The beauty of the banyan tree with its intertwining branches and glossy leaves just resonates with serenity.


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