Foodie Friday: Red Bean Smoothie

Red bean smoothie: shake with sweet red beans

red bean smoothie I’ve tried red bean-inspired desserts before. It goes well with cold sweets, like ice cream and popsicles. Recently, though, I drank a red bean smoothie, and it’s my new favorite. The beans are well-blended, and the whole beverage ends up tasting like a milkshake. It’s also not too sweet, and the beans provide a dash of protein and fiber, so you can convince yourself it’s healthy.

What do you drink to cool down in the summer?

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  1. Since I am currently in Maine and that the weather is perfect: not too hot, not too cold, I haven’t had the urge for a drink to cool me off. But I like an iced chai tea latte when needed.
    Red bean is also something I love. In ice creams for example. Yum! Good to know about the protein and fiber. Makes me feel better!

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