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In keeping with the theme of “My Fortune Cookie Life” (see sidebar on this page beneath the blogging awards), Mondays will now be dedicated to posting about actual fortune cookie messages I’ve received. A collection of strange and sometimes beautiful sayings have crossed my dining table over the years.

“Your love life will be happy and harmonious.” –fortune cookie message

book love

I was reading Josh Hanagarne’s memoir, The World’s Strongest Librarian, where he details his life with Tourette’s and his love of books. Early on in his childhood, Hanagarne fell in love with Fern, the girl from Charlotte’s Web. In fact, his mom even caught him kissing her picture on the page once.

I also fell in love with reading from E.B. White’s book. However, I fell in love with the pig. That’s right. I was a very heartfelt pig advocate for a while. My dad even purchased a stuffed pig for me, about the same length as my entire body–I had him as a lovey for years! At dinner, I would sometimes protest eating pork (or at least, cover poor Wilbur’s eyes).

My first human crush came from the Anne of Green Gable series. Oh, that Gilbert Blythe! Okay, I admit I didn’t like his attitude in the beginning, but later on, he matured. I always liked the pairing together of childhood friends, and he did end up being a handsome and noble doctor.

What was your first book crush (story or character)?



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  1. I remember the cover so clearly, a magnificent shiny black horse, Black Beauty.

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