I’ve Got a Tiger Claw

“Courage is the hallmark of a warrior.”

tiger claw

When times are tough, I revert to childhood comforts. One of these is an actual physical object: my tiger claw. Given to me by my dad, this unique pendant passed down to him from my uncle. My dad’s older brother was the quintessential tough guy–he loved getting into fist fights and showing off his martial arts skills.

Sometimes I touch the claw and think of how tough my uncle was; it reminds me to be strong. Then I reflect on my dad, who was also tough to give this to me. He broke tradition and thought enough of a daughter to allow me to have this heirloom.

I also need to be strong at times. During my Live Write!, I wore this necklace to give me courage. Now, I’m going through some emotionally trying times. I rub my tiger claw to stay brave.

What helps you stay strong?

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  1. I thought about your question for a long time while I looked at my computer desk and bulletin board. I realized I don’t touch anything, but it gives me comfort and strength when I view the items I’ve collected since I started writing. I had one thing on my bulletin board before I started, now the board drips with push pins, paper, cards, napkins, photos, and a feather.

    • Jennifer J. Chow says

      Thanks for responding, Mona. I love how you have a collection of items that remind you of your writing journey. All I have is my binder of rejection letters, which isn’t quite as uplifting.

  2. Romelle Broas says

    Love hearing stories about objects. Your tiger claw is a wonderful heirloom. What an honor for you to receive it from your dad. Whatever trying times you are going through right now, I pray for your courage and strength. I go to prayer for my strength.

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