Foodie Friday First: Hungarian Omelet

Recently, I tried my first…

Hungarian omelet: the usual egg dish, but with a tomato mixture inside 

Hungarian omelet

(Please ignore the hash browns.)

I’ve had my fair share of breakfast dishes, but I just discovered the Hungarian omelet at a local diner. Some of these omelets come vegetarian-style, but the waitress described their concoction as egg with a “spaghetti meat type of sauce.” The dish came with a dollop of sour cream and did have a lot of tomatoes in it, but it wasn’t as sweet as the pasta version. I think the key to the Hungarian omelet is the use of sweet paprika. Hungarian paprika has a rich pepper flavor and ranges in heat level. Although I wasn’t super impressed by the omelet, I’m glad I tried something different from my usual fare.

Fun fact: Paprika is considered the national spice of Hungary and is used in their famous goulash dish. 

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  1. I have had it in the past and I much prefer the Asian versions! ????

  2. I don’t use paprika much. I should hunt down more recipes that call for it. I find a little goes a long way.

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