Moon Viewing

“You will soon witness a miracle.”


See that small white circle?

Okay, so it’s not quite a miracle, but it hasn’t happened in 33 years. I was already primed to watch the night sky because of the Mid-Autumn Festival, when the moon is supposed to be big and bright. (It’s also a fun time to eat moon cakes.) The blood moon was just one more reason to take a peek last night.

As an aside, friends tell me they can see the lady in the moon when they look up. There’s a Chinese myth that says the lovely Chang’e saved others by keeping a potion of immortality away from an evil man. To do so, she ended up drinking the elixir and floated up to the moon, where she now lives forever.

Anyway, my view yesterday was less than spectacular. No lady. And only a hint of rust red on the edges of the moon.

Did you go out and take a look at the moon?

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  1. We couldn’t see it. Too much cloud coverage. I was bummed. Guess I have to wait until the next one in 2033. Sigh.

  2. I saw an amazing orange moon, here in Maine, but it was at the previous full moon. I didn’t get to see anything special a few days ago. I drove to Yosemite last year to see the reflection of the full moon on the falls but there wasn’t enough water. The show can be quite spectacular, though.

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