New Office, New Look

“Don’t let statistics do a number on you.”

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been writing for years at my kitchen table. Finally, I’ve upgraded to my own office (slash guest room)! Knowing that I have an Asian-themed decor, my dad gave me this artwork. Gorgeous, huh?

patience artwork

The main character in it is: patience. Patience is key to a writer’s life. It always takes longer than you anticipate to produce and write something, or to edit and publish a piece.

Fun photo: After two books, I finally made it onto the #1 and #3 slots in Hot New Releases!

AmznHotNewReleases #1#3kindlepaperback.11.25.15

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  1. Writing definitely requires patience–both for the writing phase and the publishing phase! Luckily it’s worth it. Congrats on the rankings!

  2. Behind the Story says

    Your dad made a thoughtful choice for your new office. I’m still writing in the kitchen, even though I have a lovely big desk in the guest room. It’s just so convenient.

    Congratulations on your ranking in Hot New Releases. That’s wonderful!

    • Jennifer J. Chow says

      That’s funny, Nicki! I admit it, though: Sometimes I prefer the wide open space of the kitchen more.

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