Foodie Friday First: Taiwanese Puff Dessert

Well, I’m back from my trip to Taiwan, and I got to try this sweet treat!

Taiwanese puff dessert: hollow, sweet ball


Okay, so I’m not exactly sure what the real name of the dessert is, but it’s known for its poofy appearance. There is a hollow cavity, but it has a slight molasses filling that clings to the inside of the pastry. The outside has a subtle flaky texture that crumbles easily. It’s not an overly sweet dessert, but there’s the hint of sugar that makes you crave more.


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Back from Taiwan!


  1. Veronica Roth says

    Oh, that sounds nice! I’ve never come across it before so must find it next time I’m in an appropriate restaurant. :D It reminds me a little of a favourite Czech treat called Olpatky. This is two wafer thin rounds about 12 inches across, that are crunchy and flaky and by themselves would taste like the Holy Ghost which is placed on your tongue at a Roman Catholic church (I know I was once married to a RC), but are filled with sugar and chopped up hazelnuts. Beyond delicious!

  2. Welcome back home, Jennifer! I envy this trip of yours and the sweet tooth I am loves this puff dessert!

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