I’m a Travel Writer

“An enjoyable vacation is awaiting you.”

1-WSGT Travel Writer Badge

Okay, I’m not really a travel writer. However, I do have a post up on We Said Go Travel. If you haven’t read my past essay about an amazing tree house in Taiwan, go ahead and peruse it. On their website, there’s also a Travel Writing Award contest going on until July 28th, so enter if you’ve gone somewhere fabulous.

Fun fact: Other international places I’ve been to are Canada, China, Italy, Mexico, and Spain.

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  1. Thank you Jennifer!
    And you ARE a Travel Writer!
    Lisa Niver
    We Said Go Travel!

  2. You travel, you write about it, and the article is published= travel writer! I really enjoyed your story and that great photo.
    The website is really pretty cool; thanks for sharing the resource. I loved their idea of travel grace and other themes for writing about travel.

    • Jennifer J. Chow says

      Thanks, Mona. You’re pretty much a world traveler yourself. You should go and contribute! :)

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