Foodie Friday: Hello Kitty Toast

Hello Kitty Toast: a little hello kitty on my bread

Hello Kitty toast

I’ve always wanted a Hello Kitty toaster because it seems super cute. (And since my friend was moving, she graciously passed on her old one–thanks, T!) Anyway, I thought maybe the Hello Kitty would fill up the entire bread slice, but nope–it’s just a little kitty in the corner.

I’d like to say the toast tastes so much different, but it’s about the same. (Although my kids are actually not enamored by the new toaster since it makes the bread “too dark,” so that the white Hello Kitty face will appear.) Oh, well. At least, I still enjoy it. And for further musing: What’s up with Hello Kitty not having a smile? My kids used to actually draw in the mouth on their Hello Kitty toys and shirts.

Fun fact: Hello Kitty is not a cat. I know, right?

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