Exploding Myths

“Better face danger than be always in fear.”


In this politically-charged climate, people have become more aware of verbal attacks. Still, a lot of Asian women endure remarks without speaking up. One article cited comments like, ““Ni Hao, pretty” and “You’re pretty for an Asian.”

I myself have gotten approached with my fair share of Ni hao and Konnichiwa as guys try to attract my attention. People have also told me that they prefer Asian girls because they’re more “quiet and demure.”

Well, let’s make sure we expose, educate, and eradicate.

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  1. I’m sure you have heard lots of remarks as a woman and as an American Asian. I’m not suprised that the most frequent must be about the quiet and obedient Asian woman. So infuriating.
    Every woman on this planet has heard enough sexist comments to fill the largest world library. Speaking up is a must. But we’ve been taught to be nice for too long. In France it was horrible to walk any street anywhere when I was a teenager and a young woman. Men would be leering, telling crude words and even grabbing a breast and genitals. Here in the US, I’ve always felt safer but I heard stupid comments about French women, either being easy or dirty (the shaving part seems a particular American obsession). So I’m with you. This had to end. Period.

    • Jennifer J. Chow says

      Thanks for sharing, Evelyne. Wow, I’ve never had any physical stuff done to me. That’s so unthinkable!

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