Foodie Friday: Ramen Snack

Tried out this new food craze…

Ramen snack: crunchy, flavored ramen, eaten as an appetizer


I’ve heard recent hype about eating uncooked ramen. Apparently, folks are buying crunchy ramen for snacks. This is not the typical ramen–although I’ve known people to eat those uncooked noodles straight from the bag. Now companies are actually producing dry ramen with different flavors and spices.

The way to eat it is to smash the noodles in the bag, pour the flavoring in, shake it all up, and then crunch on the bite-sized morsels. So I went and tried a bag, but I really couldn’t see the big delight factor. To me, it really is just crushed uncooked ramen noodles with some salt flavoring (mine was advertised as bulgolgi). Not really a proper food or snack in my mind…

Verdict: Thumbs-down.

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  1. My oldest son is currently a huge Ramen noodles fan – they are so salty I only let him indulge in one serving a week. I’m sure he would also like this variation on the salty snack… an alternative to chips, I suppose?

    • Jennifer Chow says

      They have super high sodium levels. Unfortunately, both chips and ramen are not quite healthy snacks :(

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