Ronald Reagan Library

“Meaningful relationships bring meaning to life.”

Living in So Cal, you would think I’ve been to at least one of the presidential libraries in the area. Alas, I only finally made my visit recently. I got to finally walk through the Ronald Reagan Library. This was a double pleasure because I got to do it with my amazing father (love you, Dad!).


Ascending the driveway to the main area, there are flags featuring past presidents, starting from George Washington. It was history literally flashing before my eyes. Somehow seeing all those leaders made me feel a profound sense of national pride.

The actually library–both the grounds and indoors–is gorgeous. There are some elaborate displays, like life-sized statue replicas. There was even a mock Oval Office room:


The two things that stuck out the most to me, though, were from his personal life. He framed copies of kids’ artwork and–according to one former aide–took the time to call up sick children and encourage them to live in hope.

I also liked learning about the Reagans’ love story. They felt like they completed one another in a wholesome way. I really respect Nancy Reagan for staying so loyal to her husband, especially through a tough disease like Alzheimer’s.

Also, I got to check out Air Force One. It’s so interesting seeing the cramped quarters for everybody (President, First Lady, etc.) on this plane.


There also two phones–one for regular calls and another with a secure line. On an old typewriter, there’s even a copy of the famous letter to Gorbachev to “tear down this wall!”

And now, I’ll leave you with my favorite portrait of Reagan–made from jelly beans!


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  1. Jennifer, how sweet to go with your father. You might want to return during Christmas season. There is a display of Christmas tree decorations from around the world-stunning trees.

  2. Regardless of our political opinions I agree with you that witnessing a loving father in action while also being in charge of the US is something, This library is gorgeous. Going with your dad must have been very special.
    I visited the Clinton library in Little Rock a few years ago. Quite impressive too.
    Now that you mention the Reagan Library I think I should visit it but be careful not eating the Jelly Beans portrait. My favorite candies :)

    • Jennifer Chow says

      It’s not often that I get to do sole father-daughter bonding activities, so it was nice. I didn’t know jelly beans were your favorite–I figured it’d be some fancy French candy.

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