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Just in case you missed it…

Dragonfly Dreams now has an audiobook version! This is the second time around I’ve used Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX). ACX helps turn books into audio versions through two methods: a 50/50 royalty split with the narrator, or upfront costs paid to the narrator. Both times I’ve decided to split royalties.

What I like about ACX is that you can put your project (book) out there and have people audition for it. You can advertise the qualities you’re looking for (gender, age, accent, voice style). After combing through the auditions, you select the narrator you like best. Then it’s a pretty smooth ride to work with the narrator, approving chunks of material at a time until you’re happy with the whole product.

One caveat: The typical rectangular-shaped book cover needs to be transformed into a square image. You can use various drawing programs to resize the cover, but sometimes the resolution and quality can be lost. One workaround is to create a border, to blend out the edges as Dragonfly Dreams does (see below).


If you’re into listening to books or have an Audible account, please check out Dragonfly Dreams.

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