Foodie Friday: Huckleberry Shake

Huckleberry shake: a smoothie made with berries

huckleberry shake

You might not have seen me on my blog for a while because of a recent summer vacation. We went to Yellowstone! I’ll post more about my trip on Monday.

But for now, I’ll leave you with a taste from my break. Due to crazy traffic going into the national park, we made a pit stop at a local diner. Since they’re known for their huckleberry shakes, I decided to try one.

Now, I’m not a humongous berry fan. And beyond my appreciation of Twain, I wasn’t sure if I’d like it. However, this drink was super refreshing. It wasn’t very sweet, and I liked the creaminess mixed in with the huckleberry, which is similar to a blueberry. A big thumb’s up from me!

Fun fact: Little did I know then that everywhere in the area would be huckleberry treats, from sweets to drinks.
Fun fact 2: It’s the state fruit of Idaho!

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