Foodie Friday: Panda Cake

Panda cake: an animal-shaped moon cake

panda cake

I’ve written about mooncakes before. If you want to know their historical significance, check out my past blog post.

Yes, it’s time once more for the mid-Autumn Festival. This year it’s happening on October 4th.

I couldn’t resist tasting this animal-shaped panda cake, though. It’s got a traditional filling of lotus seed paste but in a super cute shape!

Fun fact: I grabbed my box from a nearby Costco. That’s right, now you can stock up!


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  1. Thanks for reminding me. I’ll have to pick up some mooncakes and then figure out who to share them with. My favorite has the egg yolk. I also like the lotus seed.

    • Jennifer Chow says

      You’re very welcome, Nicki! I think I like the color of the egg yolk since it’s so bright, but prefer the flavor of the lotus.

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