Downtown Los Angeles

“Each bird likes his own nest best.”

I took a little jaunt to explore my own backyard. Amidst the towering skyscrapers, there shines a gleaming, curved metallic building. Yep, I got to tour the Walt Disney Concert Hall.


Walt Disney Concert Hall

Instead of choosing the guided tour, I opted for the audio version, complete with headphones and the narration of John Lithgow. The bright side of walking at my own pace was being able to soak in the experience and take all the pictures I wanted.

I really liked amazing architecture of the smooth building, and the way everything flowed inside, even the donor names that blended into the walls of the concert hall. My favorite part, though, was the garden. There’s a lush green garden above ground! All the vegetation is put in planters, and they used a crane to deliver all those flowers and bushes. A rooftop oasis, I enjoyed spending time admiring the flowering trees and flowing fountain there.


Angels Flight

Next, I ventured over to a longtime landmark. Angels Flight is the shortest incorporated railway in the world.

1-IMG_20171017_122759You may remember it from the scene in La La Land. It ceased operations for a while but then recently resumed functioning. Although a quick trip, it was fun going up and down the hill in such historically significant transportation.


Little Tokyo

When it came time for a lunch pit stop, I wanted authentic Japanese food. What better place to go than Little Tokyo? After a happy tummy from slurping down udon, I checked out the cute Halloween mochi display at Fugetsu-Do.


Then I strolled over to Japanese Village Plaza. There’s a beautiful enclave of stores there, along with the iconic red watchtower.


Overall, I had a lovely time. Of course, I didn’t get the chance to see all the wonderful sights in downtown!

What are your favorite places in downtown Los Angeles? Or what neat places are near you?

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  1. Angel’s Flight seems like an interesting place. I’d never heard of it till it was shown as a crime scene in an Amazon series called Bosch.

    • Jennifer Chow says

      It is pretty neat. Too bad it was shut down for some years.

      I haven’t actually watched Bosch, but I’ve heard people talking about the series.

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