Foodie Friday: Cheese Katsu

Cheese katsu: panko-crusted meat with a cheesy inside

cheese katsu

I’ve had katsu before, those deep-fried pieces of meat. My personal preference is for chicken. However, I decided to try out this new dish, cheese katsu.

Yes, it was pork, so the meat felt thicker and tougher. However, there’s also a huge cheese factor dropped into the recipe. I actually liked the gooeyness of the cheese inside the meat. It was nice to have the conflicting softness of the cheese within a substantial meaty interior.

Nonetheless, it’s something that you can’t eat too much of it. There was too much cheese and meat to finish it all. Even the few bites I took left my tummy a bit too weighed down and greased out.

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  1. I’m not too fried food myself, so I will pass :)

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