South Coast Botanic Garden

“Don’t ask, don’t say. Everything lies in silence.”

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all to rejuvenate. The beauty of nature always calms me. It also fires up my creativity.

I mean, look at this tree:

shaving brush tree

Know what it’s called? Shaving-brush tree. Spot on!

I recently explored the vast South Coast Botanic Garden, which covers 87 acres. Different sections have varied features, including desert plants, majestic redwoods, verdant meadows, exotics fruits, and a sensory garden (my fave was the chocolate plant!).

Here a few photos from my trip:

Japanese garden

The tranquil Japanese garden which has a koi pond. The stone lanterns decorating the area are over 200 years old.



Look at the roots on this banyan! Did you know that they’re a type of fig?



The rose garden features this beautiful fountain. Look at the floral details on the trellis. (I discovered a few coins in the pool, making this a very elegant wishing well.)


sausage tree

The first time I’ve seen a sausage tree.

P.S. The cherry blossom trees are bursting with blooms right about now!

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  1. How lovely. I imagine it’s very gorgeous and peaceful there. We could use some of that color here in gray, NE Ohio. Not sure spring is ever going to come!

  2. Beautiful and inspiring photos.

    • Jennifer Chow says

      Thanks, Nicki! I’m not the greatest of photographers, but the sheer beauty of the nature can still come through.

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