Foodie Friday: Bird’s Nest Soup

Bird’s nest soup: Broth made using the saliva of birds

bird's nest

Bird’s nest soup is a delicacy. It can cost a fortune to obtain the saliva that makes up the nest of these special birds. The bird is a swiftlet, a type of swallow. It lives in coastal caves in Southeast Asia. People nowadays also farm these birds to obtain the nests.

Bird’s nest must be soaked overnight to properly cook. The next day, it is made into a simple broth, often with just the addition of a bit of rock sugar. Hailed for its nutritional benefits (better immune system and increased strength), it’s considered a Chinese delicacy.

The soup itself tastes quite bland. There is no flavoring except what is added to the broth. The cooked bird’s nest provides a thick texture, creating a dish akin to egg drop soup.

What interesting delicacies have you tried?

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