Crazy Rich Asians!

“You will soon be honored by someone you respect.”

Yes, I watched “Crazy Rich Asians” and LOVED it! It’s a super charming romantic comedy.

Constance Wu really nailed the leading lady role. The interactions between the different generations and classes were exquisitely played out. I also really liked the side characters of Peik Lin and Oliver—hilarious!

I did the read the book as well. The movie isn’t able to showcase the lavish details of the uber rich that well (because it’s visual versus descriptive), but I think the film condensed the plot down better, using a more intense timeline. (They did cut out a big side story involving Astrid, but it was easier to focus on one main couple.) However, I did miss the fun and informative footnotes about Singapore that existed in the book but couldn’t transfer over.

My one qualm is that I felt Nick and Rachel had too perfect of a relationship. Nick, particularly, wasn’t a fleshed out character. However, I still enjoyed the romance (especially Rachel holding her own at the wedding)…and this gorgeous song:

I still can’t believe this Asian-led cast made it to the big screen. Let’s not wait another 25 years!

A giant thumb’s up from me!

Fun fact: I’m in this video (near the end) from Jon M. Chu!

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  1. What a timely post, Jennifer since I’m just back from the theater where I saw…Crazy Rich Asians :)
    Like you I LOVE the movie, even though I also favored the novel for the detailed descriptions of Singapore. But I also agree that the plot for the movie is tighter.
    It was overdue to have an entire Asian cast of characters on the big screen.
    I totally fell for Constance Wu. I think she represented Rachel so well. The American Asian young woman suddenly immersed in a family that has absolutely nothing to do with hers.
    Although Henry Golding is stunning, I also found his character too flawless. He’s the perfect son, the perfect friend, the perfect family guy and the perfect boyfriend.
    I adore Rachel’s friend from college. She reminded me of some of my daughter’s Asian friends.
    I enjoyed the novel and often told friends to read it. Now I’ll do the same with the movie.

    • Jennifer Chow says

      So glad you enjoyed it, Evelyne!

      Yes, Constance Wu did such a great job navigating the intricacy of being Asian American. Your daughter has a Peik Lin-type friend? Fun!

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