#BookReview: Binti: The Night Masquerade

“This is the year when ingenuity stands high on  the list.”

Let me start by summarizing: The Binti series is amazing! You should really go out and read it.

I absolutely loved the first book, Binti. You can read my five-star review on Goodreads here.

The conclusion to the series, Binti: The Night Masquerade, also didn’t disappoint. Okorafor wraps everything up with ease. You want more details?

Binti: The Night Masquerade

binti: night masquerade

5 stars

Genre: Science fiction


  • A diverse protagonist with an affinity for math to really root for
  • Exciting interstellar world-building and customs
  • Honest examination of identity, along with the values of family, friendship, and home


  • None (unless you’re not into SF; would also recommend reading the books in order)

The whole Binti series is absolutely amazing. I really find the world-building fascinating. Of course, having the vast expanses of space to explore provides a lot of material to create fascinating creatures. I love how the idea of different cultures and preconceived prejudices gets challenged in all of the books.

The concluding book wraps up all that comes before it through interesting twists. I also like how Okorafor doesn’t make it easy for Binti to succeed. After all, she is a young girl with a heavy responsibility of mediation. I also appreciated how the ending wasn’t very predictable.

A unique read that bridges the wonderment of future and space, while helping us dig deep into our own beliefs and ideas in the contemporary world. Excellent!

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