Vancouver Trip

“You long to see the Great Pyramids of Egypt.”

Sometimes it’s nice to have a change of scenery. I took a short trip a few weeks back to Vancouver.

Though I’ve been before for a whirlwind book talk, I didn’t get the chance to soak in the city back then. This time around, I balanced spurts of writing (and reading) with exploration of the local area.

Vancouver, to me, seems like a great mix of the natural and the urban. Here are a few highlights from my trip.

From the nature side…

I got to indulge in the festive colors of autumn. In Southern California, it’s hard to find such vibrant leaves. I didn’t even mind the nippy weather while admiring the amazing foliage.

I hiked Grouse Mountain. It takes 2,380 steps to climb to the top of “the Grind.” The ascent has an elevation gain of 2,800 feet , and it’s about 1.8 miles long. I made it in the average amount of time: 1.5 hours. Though I missed the sunset, I got to see the twilight at the top.


Vancouver is a seaport city and surrounded by beautiful water areas. I loved relaxing and soaking in the calm blue all around me.

My trip wouldn’t have been the same without seeing the urban parts as well. There are beautiful skyscrapers in downtown (1st photo) as well as antique buildings (2nd photo: Marine Building). I also dropped by the central library (3rd photo), which looks like the Colosseum.

And I mustn’t forget the food! I ate Canadian beef burgers, tried poutine, and devoured the yummy wild salmon.

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