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I had the fun pleasure of visiting the USC Pacific Asia Museum recently. Despite being a loyal Bruin, I really appreciated seeing this gem of an institute. The permanent exhibits are organized by culture, so I saw the Pacific Islands, China, Japan, etc.

Established in 1971, you can find the museum in Pasadena. It did partner with USC in 2013. For a while, the museum also shut down to reorganize its displays.

I liked wandering the museum, seeing different cultural items. These included pottery, statues, and clothing. I even got to watch a video on how fine china was made. There’s also an interactive room that’s great for kids, detailing the journey of the Silk Road and different types of people who traveled on it.

Here’s a quick photo tour:

First off, the outside of the building is beautiful. It’s done in an imperial Chinese style and features a courtyard garden. The building is actually listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Inside, I found wonderful displays of artwork. There are even these adorable netsuke. Netsuke hang on the side of a male kimono and are used as small containers.

I also really enjoyed discovering the different clothes of various Asian cultures. The temporary exhibit housed some breath-taking historic outfits and also fancy wedding clothing. Here’s an interesting picture I took of a baby holder.


I would recommend this museum in a heartbeat!

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