Spring break

“Plan to have some fun.”

I was quiet on my blog lately because I was on spring break! It was nice to have some time off to relax and get away from it all.

First, we checked out Page, Arizona. I took a chance to soak in serenity by visiting the Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River. It was so peaceful watching the sun’s rays sparkle on the water.

The only visitor disturbing the area was this chuckwalla lounging on a rock.

Horseshoe Bend is a short distance away from Page, and we arrived to photograph its iconic shape against the setting sun.

Page is also near the famous Antelope Canyon with its amazing sandstone walls. We opted for the less crowded tour of Canyon X. Since the canyon is on sacred Navajo land, we had a tour guide showing us the sights.

Then we hopped over to the Grand Canyon. Here’s a combo of pics: sunrise shot, amazing vista, and a photo celebrating the centennial of the park.

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  1. The colors and formations are amazing!

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