Foodie Friday: Loquat

Loquat: oval-shaped fruit; also known as Chinese plum

Recently, I’ve had the chance to savor home-grown loquats. These fruit are generally bright orange and soft to the touch when ripe. The flesh tastes sweet but also has some tang.

It is definitely plum-like in texture. However, due to the huge seed inside each single fruit, you’ve got to eat a lot of them to feel satisfied. Thankfully, they grow in huge clusters.

Loquats are a once-in-a-while treat for me. They’ve got a fair amount of sweetness that I enjoy…but they do remind me of sick days. That’s because, in my childhood, we kept a bottle of loquat syrup to soothe our throats when we had colds.

What kind of interesting fruit have you tried?

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  1. A couple of fruits that I like and haven’t had for a long time are jack fruit and soursop (guyabano). I like soursop as a drink and jack fruit in guinataan.

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