Joshua Tree

Who’s crazy enough to camp in a desert during the hot summer? Me, that’s who!

In order to see the Perseid meteor shower (which occurs between July 17 and August 24), I ventured away from the city lights and into the desert. A quick getaway to nearby Joshua Tree National Park ended up being loads of fun.

During the day, temperatures can soar above 100 degrees, so I opted to cool down inside the Palm Springs Art Museum (Palm Desert location). They had an exhibit on figures, and these were a few of my favorites:

Packing Peanuts Figure, 2007; Tom Friedman
Water Memory, 2015; Cara Romero

Outside, the museum even had a sculpture garden. I braved the broiling sun and captured some photos of statues that spoke to me.

Walks Among the Stars, 2006; Dave McGary
Seated Thinking Woman, 1979; Felipe Castañeda

Then at night, I grabbed a camping site. I got to see quite a few falling meteors when it got dark. Success!

And here’s a pic of the Big Dipper:

A few more shots of the surrounding nature near Joshua Tree…

Jack rabbit (note: they use those large ears to cool off!)
Cholla cactus

Stay cool in the summer heat!

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