Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood is iconic. I haven’t been there since I was a kid, so it was great to recently visit the theme park. Here are some of the highlights from my time there:


I really enjoyed this show, loaded with stunts and explosions. Since I also sat in the “Soak Zone,” I got sprayed a lot. (Tip: The extra refreshing even starts pre-show.)

Tram Tour

Of course, I saw the back lot. Beyond the thrilling tram troubles, I liked seeing the various props used in famous films.

From “War of the Worlds”

Harry Potter

I wondered how the Hogwarts world would feel like. It was fun to relive the magic by walking the grounds, checking out the Butterbeer stalls, and listening to the frog choir.


I really liked the Despicable Me ride because it has both humor and heart. You shrink down to Minion-size and get to explore Gru’s wacky dominion. Despite an hour-long wait, I also liked the Jurassic World ride. It was exciting to see the different dinosaurs and plummet down a waterfall.

Fun fact: Universal Studios’ claim to early fame came from its horror flicks.

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