Holiday Trip: Taiwan and Japan

Hello, all! I’ve enjoyed a lovely extended holiday overseas. I’m still battling jet lag, but I have enough energy to highlight some of the spots I visited.


I launched a sky lantern. There’s space on the four sides of the lantern to draw pictures and write well wishes or dreams.

I got a treat at breakfast. Look at these cute steamed buns!

An amazing sight I visited was the Fire and Water Spring!

I learned more about the history of indigenous peoples in Taiwan.

I visited two night markets!

I admired the local street art.

Of course, I took a pic of the famous Taipei 101.


I went to two cities in Japan: Kyoto and Tokyo. It was a whirlwind trip, but a lot of fun.

Local Kyoto cuisine: obanzai, simple seasonal dishes.
The iconic Golden Pavilion
At the Ghibli Museum–look at this kawaii cat faucet.
The floating lantern room at the digital art museum in Tokyo.
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  1. What gorgeous photos, Jennifer. The one with the totems, is that in Taiwan also? I didn’t realize totems were historical to that region. I’m sure they’d make interesting stories.

    • Jennifer Chow says

      Thanks, Mona! There are definitely totems in Taiwan. Quite a few indigenous groups are native to the area.

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