Book Promotion during a Pandemic

“The coming month shall bring winds of change in your life.”

My book, Mimi Lee Gets a Clue, came out last Tuesday on March 10th. It squeezed in right before all the upheaval started. I’m grateful I still got the chance to do a joint book launch that evening.

Pretty soon after, everything turned upside-down. As of current count, I’ve had two events cancelled, two postponed, and one still up in the air. Who knows what will happen next?

However, I am grateful for the solid support of the writing and reading community. Here are a few examples of kindnesses that I’ve noticed:

-Madeline Dyer started #BookPartyChat, with authors doing a Q&A on Twitter

Reading with Robin is running Facebook Live videos and talking to authors

A Mighty Blaze is a new Facebook page where author videos with shout-outs to indies are posted

-Erika Dreifus compiled a list of emergency grants for writers

Happy Book Birthday
"Hope" is the Thing with Feathers


  1. I’m sorry your book launch is at such an inopportune time. Best of luck.

  2. By the way, I like the way you direct us to local bookstores when we click on your book title. I just called my local bookshop, and they said they will deliver it directly to my house, free delivery. Especially now, I’m glad to help support a local independent bookseller.

    • Jennifer Chow says

      Yes, it’s so important to help out local bookshops. The nice thing is that they do offer incentives for buying from them. (That’s really sweet of your bookstore to deliver for free.)

  3. I’m so sorry the launch has been hindered by COVID-19. Keep promoting online and staying positive. I’m sure people could really use a book like yours right now! Good luck!

    • Jennifer Chow says

      There’s been so much going on since the outbreak. My release is only one tiny thing, but I do hope the book brings some lightness to others during this time.

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