Bouchercon, Here I Come!

I was excited to attend my first Bouchercon, a huge conference for mystery lovers, this year. It would’ve been held in my state (Sacramento, CA) this upcoming weekend. Thankfully, it didn’t get canceled. Like many other conventions, though, it’s turned virtual. Now I can be there from the comfort of my own home.

Not only do I get a chance to listen to great authors, but I’m actually on a panel! I’ll be on the Our Furry Friends panel on Friday, Oct. 16th at 3pm with Lane Stone, Jackie Layton, J.C. Kenney, and Becky Muth. Kathy Krevat will be moderating. (If you’re registered for Bouchercon, please join me!)

P.S. For this 2020 virtual event, I got a nifty “Do Not Disturb” sign to hang near my computer.

bouchercon flyer
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Virtual Bouchercon

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