Book Review: The Tiger Mom’s Tale

The Tiger Mom’s Tale (July 6, 2021)

5 stars

Genre: Contemporary women’s fiction/family/Asian American

This book was soooo good. I loved the complexity with which Lyn Liao Butler draws the world where Lexa lives. All the characters are very intriguing. I admire how artfully the backstory and present timelines are woven together.

I also really appreciate the difficult questions that Lexa reflects on and how they haunt her. This novel is very accurate in how it depicts reality, along with our fractured past and our current choices.

The story constantly propelled me forward as I tried to figure out secrets from the past and tagged along on Lexa’s journey. As an added bonus, I’m grateful for all the elements of culture and identity found within this book.

A must-read, moving journey of growth and character, imbued with warmth and authenticity.

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