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There’s something physically satisfying about newsletters and newspapers. I like the sheer joy of unfurling sheets or flipping pages to catch up on the news.


In high school, I participated in journalism club, where I ran around campus trying to capture school activities and sporting events. My favorite pieces, though, were the feel-good articles. I loved getting the scoop on cheerful things.

Eventually, I became the co-editor of the school paper. I remember the rush of completing the layout and making it to the printers before deadline. But I also remember the intense pride upon seeing stacks of newspapers bundled together, hot off the press.


Somehow I’ve always found a way to return to a newsy world. Even when I volunteered at an assisted living center, the director asked me to handle a recurring segment in their newsletter. I was assigned to interview residents about their life stories, which was an absolute joy. There was something beautiful about capturing a resident’s experiences and seeing their photo splashed across the page in a lavish, glossy newsletter.


At a small nonprofit, I headed up another newsletter—this time, it wasn’t on the printed page but though an electronic medium. The newsletter contained a calendar of upcoming events along with interesting local happenings. I even got oversee a writer’s corner where people could contribute poems or snippets of stories.


Most recently, I circled back to newsprint again. My article, “Sassy Cats and Local Clues,” made it in the local papers—in all the outlets of the Southern California News Group. It was really fun and emotional to see my byline and “correspondent” underneath my name.


I still like print, but I also enjoy electronic versions of newsletters. In fact, I send out my own quarterly e-newsletter with behind-the-scene author news and frequent giveaways. Sending stuff out electronically is definitely easier, especially with a pre-formatted template. It’s also quicker to deliver since it only requires a simple click of the mouse.

Do people even find newsletters relevant anymore? Well, sign up here, and let me know!

As long as I get any response, I’ll keep on going. Last Tuesday, I launched Book 3 in my Sassy Cat Mystery series and wrote about it in a quick newsletter update. A reader wished me a very happy book birthday, so I’ll keep sending those newsletters out!

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