A Blooming Kind of Hope

Spring happens to be my favorite season of the year. There’s something cheerful about new, emerging blossoms that brings me joy. Maybe the feeling I get can be defined as hope.

This year, I noticed neighborhood trees bearing cherry blossoms early. They were showing off their floral finery a week or two ago. In synchronicity, I splurged on daffodils in anticipation of spring.

Yellow daffodils blooming in a green vase

But something strange happened recently. The petals curled in on themselves and hid their splendor. Honestly, I’m still not sure what happened. (Note: I do not have a green thumb–that skill definitely skipped a generation.)

However, it feels a bit representative of my life right now. What I mean is that the global news and stimuli coming at me has been kind of stressful. I’m trying my best to balance obligations and give to worthy causes and help others around me, but I’m feeling behind and drained on everything.

I usually enjoy checking things off my to-do lists, but it’s been slow-going. Instead of speeding up, though, I decided to do the opposite. I’m deliberately trying to stop and smell the flowers daffodils during this time. I’m hoping that this intentional pause will give me a needed break and that I’ll hopefully come out blooming soon.

How have you been feeling/doing?

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  1. It is a hard time–from COVID to Putin’s terrible war. I keep think about my mom and all she went through when my dad was fighting Hitler. Thank goodness for spring, daffodils, and hope.

    • Jennifer Chow says

      Thanks for the support, Nicki. It’s helpful to frame it in terms of wider history and believe in endurance and revival.

  2. Yes, this is an unusually stressful time and for a long duration. We were rejoicing coming out of Covid when the Ukrainian crisis developed. Listen to your body and heart, they know what’s needed.

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