Hello Again, Newsletter!

Will newsletters trend again? Last week, I posted about checking out Hive Social. Little did I know they’d soon shut down their servers to deal with fortifying their security. (No data was leaked. It’s a preventative effort, but it does put a damper on my usage.) Don’t get me wrong. Hive is still a pretty place to play around in, and I like connecting with authorly types there. But there is a learning curve, and the “Discover” page for me doesn’t populate with posts that I’m truly interested in.

So I’ve recently decided to put more effort into resurrecting my author newsletter. (Didn’t know I had one? You’re in luck. Here’s the link to the sign-up form.) I’ve managed this newsletter for years and have reformatted the sections and information over time. I now try to post bookish news, personal tidbits, and something extra for the reader (book recommendations, giveaways, etc.). My next newsletter will have fun holiday gift ideas.

Typically, I’ve sent these out on a quarterly basis because I didn’t want to bother folks. The general advice I’ve gotten, though, suggests that newsletters should be sent on a more frequent basis to get higher engagement and to not wind up in spam folders.

My newsletters used to be sent out on a seasonal rotation because….well, it makes sense, doesn’t it? Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer. Beyond not wanting to disturb people, I admit it: I’m lazy. It feels intimidating to produce a newsletter on a more frequent basis, but I’m going to try. Wish me luck!

I’m aiming for a monthly distribution. There is an extra financial nudge for me to do so–precisely when the bill rolls around for my newsletter service. (Sadly and gladly, my current number of subscribers have pushed me over the edge of the free version of the program I use.)

Truth be told, I do appreciate catching up with authors and friends through newsletters. I also enjoy receiving snail mail (postcards, letters, and holiday cards). There’s definitely been a downturn in the cards I get during the holidays. Personal note: I used to mail out cards myself but now only send out annual e-updates to friends and family.

Once upon a time, I’d have to clear the fridge or mantel to place all the cards I received. I even thought about stringing them across a room for decoration or creating 2-D Christmas trees out of cards. No longer. I don’t get enough to do so. But I still appreciate them–particularly the ones with musings about the past year. I’m hoping readers will also enjoy my reflections.

What about you? What kind of correspondence do you appreciate: electronic, letters, cards, or something else?

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  1. Glad to hear you’re returning to a newsletter. My experience has been pleasant although it’s only 5 months old.
    I too liked Hive a lot. When it returns I’ll get back on. I hear you on the holiday cards-they’ve dwindled. I save the nicest ones to display the next year.

    • Jennifer Chow says

      Happy to know that you’re enjoying your newsletter writing!

      That’s a great idea about saving cards. I do keep a stockpile of past ones I’ve loved, including handmade cards!

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