Uncorrected Manuscripts

Jubilant about receiving my uncorrected bound manuscripts, I posted the “unboxing” or “unenveloping” video on social media. Then I had a friend ask: “Why would you want an uncorrected copy?” Good question. Guess I’m so entrenched in the publishing world I forgot I had to explain the process.

First off, bound manuscripts aren’t pretty. They’re not like true advance reader copies with the cover art and a marketing plan on the back. Exhibit A:

Yep, they’re plain. Simple. But they have all the words in place after rounds of developmental edits (which address overall story structure). They’re the product that lands in between structural edits and nitty gritty copy edits.

The uncorrected manuscript is put in a book format because…well, probably mostly because publishing is such a slow process. Having a papy copy gives early access to key players, including blurbers. These individuals are star authors who I or my editor approach to provide an early read of my book. Then they can write a glowing blurb or testimonial (pretty please).

Although some folks prefer an electronic version, a large number of people opt for printed editions. It’s also nice for the author to get a physical copy showing the fruit of their labor. So that’s why my bound manuscript will sit proudly alongside a few of my other published books–because it deserves to be there.

Happy reading and writing to you all out there!

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