Diverse Phantom of the Opera!

"Your loyalties will be rewarded." Okay, I admit it: I love musicals. Even when I was forced to watch Westside Story in high school and all my peers snickered at the Jets versus Sharks, I relished it. Of course, I also remember being glued to the TV set watching Lea Salonga perform in Les Miserables. Now, I'm excited to see an Asian American female lead and an African American actor as partners in Phantom of the Opera (find the plot summary and more here). Hurrah! … [Read more...]

Real Asian Faces

"A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved." I'm sure you've heard of #oscarssowhite. We need diversity, folks. Media should be at the forefront of actually representing what our population looks like. Unfortunately, they're not. Which is why I'm so grateful for posts like HomeMadeMimi's "Correcting Yellowface." It's one artist's method of fighting back in a clever way. Go ahead and enjoy her pics! … [Read more...]

Colorful Casting

Gunjih leuhnggo hau: the officials have two mouthsWithin the character for "official" appears two mouths (they look like square boxes).  Regular people use one mouth.  This phrase means that those in power can speak much louder.  Whether they're right or wrong, you still have to listen to them.  Some things are out of one's control.  When a writer gets their work turned into a movie, it transitions out of their hands.  Film adaptations require different skills.  That's why there are … [Read more...]