Foodie Friday First: Red Bean Bread

Ate some fresh... Red bean bread: pastry stuffed with red bean filling I had my first taste of this Korean pastry. It's a fluffy bread that's very soft and tender, more pastry-like than a bagel consistency. Inside is red bean paste, a thick filling of the legumes. Not a very sugary bread, it's great when you're craving just a little bit of sweetness. … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday First: Santa Maria Beans

Santa Maria beans: small pink beans found as an accompaniment to their famous barbecue On a road trip through California, we decided to check out the famous Santa Maria tri tip. (Supposedly, the meat is grilled over special red oak to add to its flavor.) Anyway, a usual side dish is composed of these pinquito beans found only in the Santa Maria Valley. They're cute little guys that are spiced up with chili flavor. Here's one recipe on how to make them. Now, I'm not much of a bean fan … [Read more...]