My Hands Look Old

"Rarely do great beauty and virtue dwell together as they do in you." Um, not really. So Nora Ephron wrote this book called I FEEL BAD ABOUT MY NECK. But I think hands emphasize aging bodies. In college, I had a friend tell me that I had "old man" hands. Of course, I wasn't too thrilled with that opinion. I heard that there's this option to plump up your hands nowadays. It's called Radiesse, and it's a filler that also increases collagen production. Watch this Good Morning America video … [Read more...]

To Copyright Or Not To Copyright?

Saamjeksau: pickpocket (lit. three hands)Some cunning pickpockets carry a false hand with them and let it be seen. Potential victims are then unaware that their real (third) hand is stealing. (An example of this occurs in the movie, Gangs of New York.)  Are you afraid of someone stealing your work? Then look no further than the good ol' copyright law. In fact, copyright protection occurs the moment something is created. However, registering a manuscript is useful if you need to bring a lawsuit … [Read more...]