Bucket List

"Don't pass up a once-in-a-lifetime offer." I saw this press release about older people learning languages and traveling. Think: study abroad for seniors. I never went overseas for schooling, but I did meet lovely folks who visited here. Students I talked to came from Germany, India, Singapore, Spain, and more. All were super-friendly and gave me a new perspective on America. Learning languages is on my wish list for the future, but some other items I would like to tackle … [Read more...]

Multilingual Households: A Dilemma

"One foot cannot stand on two boats." -Chinese proverb I grew up in a bilingual household. My parents made it a priority to teach me English first because my older sibling had difficulty when he first started kindergarten. For a while, I used my own shortcut language, and I would pick the quicker version (think: less syllables) of the languages I knew to speak with others. I often got odd looks for my efforts. I know that "One foot cannot stand on two boats," but I think language is … [Read more...]