Book Deal Announcements

Hi All, This book deal is getting real! Here are a few snippets from bonafide publishing news outlets. A snippet from Publishers Marketplace, hailed as "publishing's essential daily read": There's also mention of me in the Sisters in Crime October newsletter! Hurrah! Now I better get to work! Send well wishes my way :) … [Read more...]

Chickens as Companions

"Today is a good day for being with a companion." Chickens rule the coop nursing home. In England, they're implementing a poultry program to help seniors stave off loneliness. (I talked about this a little in my recent newsletter. If you missed out, you can go to the right-hand side of my home page to sign up for it!) There's an arts group named HenPower that is turning pensioners into "hensioners." Animal therapy has always proven to be helpful in the elderly population, and now it seems … [Read more...]