Off to Bouchercon 2023

Hey all, I'm off to sunny San Diego for the Bouchercon convention! Here's my rough schedule of events: ~Thursday, August 31, 2:00pm PacificAnthony Best Humorous panel~Thursday, August 31, 9:00pm PacificOnce Upon A Crime~Friday, September 1, 11:00am PacificCozy Author Spotlight~Friday, September 1, 7:00pm PacificUnderrepresented Voices reception~Saturday, September 2, 2:20pm PacificCozy is not a Four-Letter Word panel I'll also be at events for Sisters in Crime (SinC) and … [Read more...]

Fireworks: Flashes of Insight into Fiction

Che Daaihpaau: boast, talk big; tell a lieMany Cantonese words and expressions come from ancient times.  The characters used back then have become so rare that they've been changed to homophones.  In che daaihpaau, the original che means "to boast" and paau signifies "to fool people with exaggeration."  Nowadays, the words "chariot" and "big cannon" have replaced the characters.Speaking of booming cannons, I watched a beautiful fireworks show this past 4th of July.  It lasted 30 minutes, which a … [Read more...]