Does Better English Equal More Pay?

Grammarly (the world’s leading automated grammar checker) recently conducted a study with over 400 freelancers to figure out how English skills affect income. Analyzing data from Elance, Grammarly found that there is a correlation between writing skills and hireability. In simpler terms, better writers tend to make more. Read the Huffington Post article and study the infographic below for further details: Of course, causation cannot be established, but it makes sense that better … [Read more...]

Exploring Elance

"When a tree falls, the monkeys scatter."--Chinese proverb Novelists don't make a lot of money. "Don't quit your day job" is oft-touted advice. I don't want my novelist "tree" to fall down, so I've decided to do some extra types of writing on the side. (This, by the way, also applies to retirement, as my UCLA professor once said. Instead of relying on a single source of income, like Social Security, you need to have other supports in place. Besides SS, his examples were: Pension/401K, … [Read more...]