Book Review: Molten Death

5 stars Genre: Cozy mystery Molten Death A delightful mystery that transported me to the Big Island. I loved following Valerie, when her relaxing vacation with Kristen, goes sideways after spotting a dead body in the lava. Not only did this novel feature an unguessable whodunnit and whydunnit, but I appreciated the detailed insights about Hawaiian culture and history. Don’t forget to have snacks handy while you’re reading because this definitely made me hungry—for delicious eats … [Read more...]

Festive Reading

"A new challenge is near." (fortune cookie saying) Here's how I celebrated during my much-needed break from writing over these last few weeks. I read. For fun! Sometimes I like measuring my vacations by the number of books I've read. It gives me an indication of how much lovely time I spent between the pages of a book. Also, it fuels that inner competitive streak in me. (In elementary school, I once won a reading contest hands-down--and got handsomely rewarded with a gift card to a local … [Read more...]