Tracking Rejection

"Failure is not defeat until you stop trying." As any working writer knows, pushing your stories out involves rejection. Even J.K. Rowling displayed a rejection letter on Twitter to encourage other artists to persevere. I've been in submission mode recently. For short stories, I used to plug information into a spreadsheet, but now I send stuff out into the ether and wait for a reply. Often, magazines have their own submission system, but some also use Submittable. If you set up an account … [Read more...]

Literary Fellowship–PEN Center Emerging Voices

"A cornered rat will bite the cat." --Chinese proverb Don't get desperate, get help. Los Angeles writers with potential, do you need assistance? Here's a fellowship for you: PEN Center Emerging Voices Fellowship. The program provides an eight-month fellowship for new writers. It's meant for those who "lack access to financial and/or creative support. " The deadline is August 11th (for the application to be received). Some further details: Provides mentorship Offers classes focused … [Read more...]

My Writing Process Blog Tour

"If you do not climb the mountain, you will not see the plain." --Chinese proverb Writing is a process, an arduous climb to the top to reach the magnificent peak. Thank goodness I'm not alone in this journey. One friend is fellow Wordsmith Studio writer, Julia Tomiak, who masters vocabulary words on her blog. She recently tagged me for a writing process blog tour, where I get to answer these three questions: What am I working on? I've completed a cozy mystery about an ex video game … [Read more...]